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Ringo Starr Tickets

Dear Ticket Guy,

How can I get a meet and greet concert ticket package for the next Ringo Starr tour?

Rick radka
St. Petersburg, Fl.


Dear Rick radka,

I wish that with a little help from your friend, The Ticket Guy, I could give you a magical mystery tour answer. Unfortunately there is no foolproof way to score meet and greet or backstage passes. It is without a doubt the most popular form of question I get and a great business opportunity waiting to happen. High-end ticket packages that included VIP seats, meet and greet passes and other goodies would be a great business model and another revenue stream for the artists. Until someone lays a few million on me to start that company your best bet for now is good old-fashioned hard work.

Here are a few ways that people score meet and greet passes:

1. Local radio stations. Contact all the local rock stations and let them know how big a fan you are of Ringo and more importantly how your life revolves around their station. Sometimes they have contests you can enter or maybe you can get lucky and impress someone enough to help you out. Usually one station will be the main sponsor of the show. Listen to that station and make an effort to do business with as many of their regular advertisers as you can and keep the receipts. When you write the letter send them a copy of all the receipts and point out that you are their most loyal listener. That station does not need to be in business if your effort does not at least get a response.

2. Write everyone that sells and distributes Ringo stuff. His record company, book publishing company, etc. Explain to them that you are not only his biggest fan but that you are a loyal buyer of everything they produce Ringo related and always will be and ask if they can do anything to help you out. Be polite and ask in return if there is anything you can do as a fan to help them get more business. Again, receipts will be impressive.

3. Make some new friends on the Internet. Visit every Ringo site, forum and chat site you can find and while spreading the love about Ringo mention that you would love to meet him. Offer to pay for the tickets, dinner and drinks if someone can score the meet and greet passes. True fans love to help other true fans and your offer expresses your sincerity without being tacky.

4. Check eBay often and call all the local ticket brokers. Sometimes meet and greet passes do get sold and its worth a try. Just be careful and make sure of what you are buying before paying. Ask lots of questions if someone has something to sell.

5. Gifts. I was with a girl years ago sitting on the front row at a concert. At the end of the show she gave the drummer of the band flowers and a nice note. He immediately sent someone out to bring us backstage because he was so flattered due to the fact that his boss, the singer, got all the attention. He even invited us to dinner. As a bonus I got to chat with the singer for a few minutes, a nice bloke named Robert Plant.

6. Good old-fashioned bribery. Its worked quite a few times for me but just make sure you are bribing someone that actually has the power to get you backstage. Road manager, head of security, etc. Its just a thin line you walk, some people are insulted, some are underpaid or greedy and welcome the cash. The number one thing you are selling them on is your discretion. Dress nice, stay sober and bring the hottest lady you can find with you. Suggest she show as much skin as legally possible and tell the target of your bribe that she is the big fan and (wink wink) itís important for you to impress her. This is a universal language for guys and if she is hot enough the cash will probably not even be needed.

Rick, I hope that helps. Good luck and keep me updated if you have any success. And if you can score some meet and greet passes for Atlanta I have the tickets and am buying dinner and drinks.

Carl "The Ticket Guy" White




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